#BringingBabyPorterHome Update

What a month it has been! Almost one month ago exactly we launched our exciting but at the time, very scary, public journey. Since we shared our story, the fear has begun to fade and has been replaced by overwhelming joy because of the support that has poured in. 

God is blessing our socks off! Not only have people shared their love and support for us, people have also been sharing their own infertility struggles and success stories over the past few weeks. It’s been so encouraging.

And the response to our business, Premier Designs, has been incredible! Starting a direct sales business like this is typically difficult in the beginning because you have to create momentum and ask people directly to host parties for you to get the ball rolling. This has not been the case for us. Ladies are contacting me and requesting to host jewelry parties, some women that I do not even know ... this is not normal. We have 13 parties booked over the next 6 weeks! That’s above & beyond my goal and my dreams. (If you are one of those incredible women- THANK YOU!) Our prayer is that these 13 would multiply to many more over the next few months.

I am telling you this to say thank you! Jay and I are so hopeful we might reach our goal much sooner than we originally anticipated, which means we are a little closer to holding our baby. This brings happy tears to my eyes just writing it!

Also, please continue to pray for us this week because we have two important events happening.

1.     Jay and I have a final doctors appointment on Wednesday to rule out one more option that could save thousands of dollars & be a simple fix.

2.     Thursday is my “Training Show,” which is my first show that launches me as a Jeweler.  It will mark the beginning of a season of extreme focus and tight schedules, but we prayed for God to bless this, and He has. He will give us the grace and strength to do it and we are PUMPED!

Thanks again for your continued support. When Baby Porter finally does make it into our lives, he/she is going to have an amazing story of how a community of people helped make him/her a reality.  That’s a humbling thought.  Thank you.