A Better Thankfulness


November is the month for thankfulness. People are posting on Facebook each day about it, families go around the table and share it, and sermons are being preached about it. It’s just a wonderful time...

So last week I decided to join in the tradition and list the things I am thankful for this year in my journal. I immediately felt convicted because everything on my list were “things.” They were situations, circumstances, blessings, or relationships God had blessed me with. They are all wonderful and I truly am beyond thankful for them, but it hit me that our Father deserves more than appreciation for His gifts.

He deserves our thankfulness for who He is.

With this heavy on my heart, on Sunday my hubby shared with our church how the Trinity should produce thankfulness no matter where we find ourselves in life. No matter what we are going through, because of the Trinity we can be thankful.

God is our Father and is in control.

Jesus is our mediator and gave His life so that we can be intimate with the Father.

The Holy Spirit is our comforter, convictor, and intercessor.

We are never alone or abandoned. We are never unloved.

Knowing and understanding the Trinity better refines our relationship with God, refines our focus, and it should refine our thankfulness.

You see... whether we have a list of “things” to be thankful for this Thanksgiving or our list has dwindled to barely anything, if we are in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, we have something to be thankful for.

We can choose to dwell on our list of “things,” which can wax and wane, or we can choose to dwell on the One who never dwindles, never fades, never changes, and is always enough.

What kind of holiday experience are we going to have? Let’s choose thankfulness.

*I would like to challenge you to try to make a list of the attributes about God you are thankful for today. Keep it with you this week and refer back to it when something goes wrong in your day.*