December Update!

Happy December! I hope the month is treating you well and you are finding time amid the hustle and bustle of the season to enjoy special moments with those you love.

It’s time for another #BringingBabyPorterHome update! A lot of people have been asking and although not too much has changed since our last update, things are progressing along.

First up... Jay goes for a lab appointment Friday and we will find out at the end of the month (the 30th) the results from the fertility medicine they gave him.  This is one of the most important tests to date.  It will be a defining factor in what our next step will be.

Second of all, we had our final home study with Partnership for Strong Families this past Thursday to become foster parents. The licenser came to our home, interviewed us, took pictures of our house and all the “foster proofing” we had done, and took all our paperwork, references, income reports and LOTS more we had been collecting for 2 weeks. It has really been a great experience, intense, but great!

One of the requirements to be licensed for a child under 12 months old is to have a crib....

So we bought one!


A little plain right now, I know. My Mom has decided to purchase the bedding for Christmas, so it will be here soon! (I’m so excited!!) It’s interesting having a crib in the house, it kind of feels like we are pretending but I keep reminding myself that it’s not, it’s just preparation.

We meet with our licenser on Friday to sign the official “home study” so that he can send it off. From there it will take around 3-6 weeks to be approved by the state. There is no exact timeline with the holidays approaching, but after it’s approved, we have been told we could be getting calls immediately for all different aged children. Because of our home only being licensed for one child at a time and our desire for a child less than 12 months old, there will be many calls we will have to say no to. This is all a part of the process, but one that will be incredibly difficult.

We are excited for what 2014 holds. No matter what takes place, we know God has brought us to this point.

So if you would like to join with us in praying for the above situations we would appreciate it so much!