The Ultimate Pursuit

The past couple of weeks as Jay and I were prepping to sign the last paper for our foster parent approval process, I starting thinking about all that we’ve had to do to get ready to be foster I’d thought I’d share. 

Went through a 9 week (27 hours) PRIDE course.
Collected 9 references from very specific people.
Turned in our financials.
Had a doctor deem us mentally & physically fit to be foster parents.
Arranged for a health inspector to check out our home.
Wrote out an evacuation plan with exits marked & displayed it in our home.
Re-arranged our house (all cleaning supplies & chemicals under lock & key)
Had every nook & cranny in our house photographed.
Went through interviews & signed tons of paperwork.
... and much more over the past 3 months.

That is just to be licensed. Once we start getting calls, we will start purchasing anything the child may need.

If our dream is realized, and God allows us to adopt our baby through this process, I began thinking how I hope our child knows how loved he/she is. We pursued them with everything we had. This wasn’t convenient or easy. But the love we already have for our future child pushed us forward.

Some of you know this feeling. Whether you waited an eternity to finally get pregnant or are still waiting. Maybe you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars adopting a child privately or from overseas. You know what this difficult pursuit is like.

Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself, you have been the object of an even more difficult pursuit. God pursued us through the most painful process.

Ephesians 1:5 says Because of his {God} love he had already decided to adopt us through Jesus Christ. He freely chose to do this...

God knew we would choose our selfish desires over Him from the beginning. He set into motion a plan to get us back. It would be an inconvenient & difficult process. It would require loss at the deepest level, but he chose to pursue us anyway.

God watched his people rebel & turn their backs on him time after time for hundreds of years.
He waited 400 years for the world’s stage to be ready for his Son’s arrival. (See blog here.)
He put his only Son in the hands of two very poor teenagers.
He watched Jesus for 33 years struggling on this earth as people mocked and plotted against him.
He then watched his only Son die a horrific & brutal death at the hands of the very people God is trying to “adopt.”
Even now, he continually watches his people (us) turn their backs on him, curse him, and question his love.

God has pursued us for thousands and thousands of years. How can we ever question his love? He is The Father and we are his children, adopted into his family, inheritors of all that is his.

This Christmas, I pray this will help you be able to understand how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. (Ephesians 3:18)