Dreaming About Pigs


Happy New Year! I hope and pray your 2014 is off to a great start as is ours!  It’s time for my monthly #BringingBabyPorterHome update...

Last month I told you Jay had been on some fertility medicine and was getting some tests done in December. We found out on the 30th the results of those tests. Unfortunately the urologist saw no improvement at all from the two months of medication. He did however refer us to a new urologist at Shands who specializes in infertility.  The appointment hasn’t been scheduled for us yet, but that will be the next step towards our infertility plan.

On the adoption/fostering front, although we were hoping to be licensed to be foster parents by the end of the year, there has been some hold ups in the process (not on our end) which has caused delays. We are still waiting, but the new deadline is late January... hopefully.

We received both of these updates the same day during the week of Christmas. Although it was discouraging news, God has shown us time after time He is working on our behalf whether we can see it or not.

One of the very tangible ways we’ve seen this was on Christmas Eve.  We received a $528 check from a very special someone who we don’t get to talk to very much and doesn’t live near us. They initiated a very covert #BringingBabyPorterHome fundraiser, with the goal of raising $500 by Christmas. They met & exceeded this goal. It makes me gitty thinking of pulling out the check with a list of people’s names, some I do know and some I’ve never met. 

I tell people this all the time, I cannot wait to tell our child one day of all the people who have prayed for them, supported their cause, given financially to them, or bought a piece of jewelry with them in mind.  They were loved before they were in existence.

We have big dreams for 2014 and these set backs won’t change that. When Jay and I set our goals for 2014, it was funny seeing the difference between the two of us.

I wrote “Have at least $8,500 saved for infertility procedure.”
Jay wrote “Have infertility procedure done.”

He’s the dreamer and I love that about him. No matter how well we budget this year or little we eat out, completing this by the end of the year is too big of a dream for us to accomplish on our own, but...

From a human perspective, things are impossible... but not with God. Everything is possible with God.
- Mark 10:27

In 2014, I believe my pigs will fly! (Wondering what in the world that means? Check it out here.)