#BringingBabyPorterHome Update


It’s been a while since our last update simply because there hasn’t been much of one. But we’ve had several people ask, so I will give you what we have...

Despite the goal of our foster application being approved by Christmas, it wasn’t approved until January 30th. When I got the call, I could have jumped out of my skin. I had to calm down my heart rate enough so that I could carry on an intelligent conversation with the wonderful lady on the phone.

Now that we are approved, we are just waiting on a placement call which fits our home specifics. I was told the call could have happened that day or months from now. There is no way to gauge it. It could be in the middle of the day or middle of night. We just have to be ready. We have a pediatrician picked out (a foster child is required to visit a ped within 72 hours of placement), the nursery ready, and thanks to some awesome people and especially those in our CCA Life Group, we have some necessities on hand already.

My heart leaps when I think our call could literally come any second. Every unknown call that comes through, Jay and I both hold our breath. But my heart also sinks when I think that it could be months on end. But I know every second a call doesn’t come is a second the right baby is being prepared for us. Despite knowing this in my head, my heart can’t help but long for our little family addition. I pray daily wherever our baby is, whether it be in its mother’s tummy, in a hospital, or in an unprotected environment, they are being protected from whatever danger lies around them that will eventually cause them to be put into our arms.  

As many of you know, fostering does not mean adoption... yet. The goal of fostering is to work to reunite the child with their biological parents. In cases where this doesn’t happen due to the  termination of parental rights either by choice or by law, adoption is then considered.  Many times foster parents are given the choice to adopt first. This is why we have chosen this route. We understand the risk of “losing” a child if reunification occurs, but we pray if that happens, the small amount of time we spent with our foster child will plant seeds that change the trajectory of their life forever.

Infertility Treatments:
On the other side of things, we are continuing to see doctors, try medicines, and other things to help us get pregnant. Currently, Jay is seeing a urologist at Shands who specializes in infertility. He gave us some advice last week and some options to pursue. One of those is actually a surgery for Jay. It’s a simple surgery and if it works could possibly increase his numbers. The doctor was cautious to not elevate the results very high, but if it did help even get his numbers up a bit, it could be the difference in a $12,000-$20,000 procedure and a $5,000-$8,000 infertility procedure. 

One of the many struggles with the infertility journey as with any medical dilemma, is there are many, many different routes you can take, all have costs and risks and specific percentages of success.  One of our concerns is continuing to pursue other alternatives and eventually spending the same amount of money or more with no results, then having to return to our original plan. Therefore we are praying God would direct us to which doorknobs we should turn and which we should not. We can’t physically or financially do them all, so wisdom is what we need.

Please join us in praying for wisdom in our decision-making, peace in our waiting, and for the RIGHT call to come in God’s perfect and merciful timing.  Thank you as always for your continued support and prayers during this journey. We are so grateful for each of you. I laugh sometimes at the thought of getting onesies made up for Baby Porter like those you see at different fundraisers. It would say “Brought to you by...” and the back of it would list all the people who helped them become a reality through prayer, donations,  or buying a piece of jewelry. But then I realize, no onesie could hold all those names. :)

 So just know... I will tell them of you often.