Q: How can I help bring Baby Porter home?

A: Most importantly, you can join with us in prayer that God would direct us in which path to take and open doors! 

B. You can like our FB page & share relevant posts with your friends!

C.  You can host your own jewelry party to earn FREE jewelry for yourself! This can either be a traditional home show in your home or mine, or it can be on your lunch break with a couple of your friends, or something NEW... an online Facebook Event Party (these are done in our PJs!) 

Q: What's involved with hosting a jewelry party?

A: Can you say simple?!?! If you like jewelry and want to get a couple hundred dollars worth for FREE- then listen up! 

All it takes is asking 10-15 of your fellow jewelry loving friends and family if they want to get together (either in person or online) for a fun night of playing in jewelry! With a little "excitement coaching" from yours truly, your show will be a HUGE success! 

Just call, text, FB, or email me if you want IN! 

caley@ccalachua.com or 386.397.3274


Q: What is Premier Designs & Why?

A: From day one, Joan and Andy's four reasons for starting Premier Designs were clearly stated:

  • Opportunity for mothers to be able to stay home more with their children.
  • Provide encouragement and extra income for single moms.
  • Provide a way for individuals, especially those in full-time Christian work, to meet their financial needs. (THAT'S US!)
  • Be a company that would support ministries around the world and in America.

If those aren't awesome enough- take 5 minutes and check out more here.  

I'm so honored to be a small part of this incredible company! If you would like to be a Jeweler like me, just give me a call!