Gwen Parrish Insurance Agent, Lake City, FL

"Overwhelmed, under-skilled, and just reacting to the urgent are words that described my new business life this past year. Starting my own insurance agency from my home at age 56 was supposed to be easier than this.

Multiple carrier learning curves, training seminars, sales opportunities, one-on-one consultations, technology curves, paperwork, notes everywhere, information overload, sales tracking and follow-up were all areas of concern. How do I get on top of it as a solopreneur and still see clients and make sales?

Caley had casually given me some ideas for several months but finally I knew I needed help to rise above the rut of reactionary living. We planned our first two hour screen share on my computer. As I watched her set up systems to get me organized, I was amazed at how quickly she sorted through the activities and showed me how to sort documents, track & automate client care calls & follow up, stay on top of expense tracking, sort my carrier companies and most importantly, my time. Also, she showed me how to look at my activities to see how much time is being spent on the most productive activities. All of this using free or low-cost computer programs that are easily accessed from my desktop to my phone.

Now I wake up knowing the track I will run on for each day rather than responding to the most urgent need. I feel freedom knowing how I can meet the needs of my clients while reducing my every day stress.

Caley’s natural gifting is administration and organizing. She thrives at clearing the chaos and clutter and implementing systems that remove stress while helping people work more efficiently and successfully. Whether organizing family photos, or school planning, or community events with 1000s of attendees, she can show you how to manage a massive amount of work with very little effort."