Getting started is often times the hardest part of implementing new strategies. If you would like some personalized help in getting systems set up for your home or business, I would love to help!

The cost for my services is $25 minimum for the call and $20 for every additional hour. 

To begin your organizing journey...

1. Fill out the form below.

2. I'll contact you and set up our appointment. 

3. Before we have our appointment, I will send you a few questions to answer so I can get to know you and the areas you want to work on before our call. 

4. On the day of our call, you will need your phone & computer handy. We will use a screen-sharing software so I can help you personally set up the tools you will need to get things going.

5. After our call, I will type up the notes of your personalized organizational strategy and email them to you.

6. Then the fun part begins. You get to start thinking clearer, have more direction in your day, and see less things fall through the cracks which gives you more time to focus on what most important! Woohoo!

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