Did you ever have a childhood friend that was OBSESSED with cleaning and organizing? You know, that annoying girl who would have “chore days” at the dollhouse and “cleaning days” at the fort in the woods? Fun to her was organizing her fake office work and organizing your closet... even though you didn’t ask?

I’d like to say that wasn’t me, but GUILTY! I was probably not the most fun 8 year old to hang out with. I had rules for cleaning our fort, and if those rules weren’t followed, my cousins had to write the rules 11 times. Can you say bossy! They sure did- I was called bossy and Lucy from Charlie Brown many a times. (For the record, I would like to officially apologize to all of my cousins and friends whom my organizing obsession effected, but your welcome for helping you clean up your room when you got in trouble... Olivia!)

Although I’m not organizing my fort and bossing my friends around anymore, I’m still very much in love with organizing and systemizing my now, very real home and life.

I am married to my very best friend, Jay, for going on 8 years. As of 2014, we were blessed with our little #miraclebaby, Emma. (You can read all about our infertility journey here.) Since then, we are only mostly obsessed. Also, as of 2014, we live in the good ol’ state of Texas. FYI: there’s a reason these people are proud, it’s a great place to live! My hubby works for an incredible church called LifeChurch.tv alongside some amazing people!

I hope I can help you learn some great systems and tips and hopefully hear some of your tricks you’ve learned along your journey. Now in the most non-bossy, normal tone... Let’s get to work!